Custom built kitchen by T&C Joinery
Bathroom renovation - custom built vanities make this bathroom. T&C Joinery take great pride in their work
Modern custom made built in bookcase by T&C Joinery

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Equipment & Machinery at T&C Joinery

T&C Joinery at Edwardstown has always used tools and machinery produced by companies with a reputation for being arguably the best in the business. This policy not only allows T&C Joinery to provide workmanship of excellent quality, it enables us to always meet deadlines through equipment reliability.

Nested Base Manufacturing

In recent years T&C Joinery has taken giant steps in regards to ‘Cabinet Making Technology’. T&C Joinery were the first company in Adelaide to implement NBM (Nested Based Manufacturing) for cabinet construction. The use of Flat Bed Routing Equipment has radically changed the way quality cabinetwork can be produced.


Modern cutting machinery used by T&C Joinery to produce their crafted cabinetry
Router at T &C Joinery
CNC router used by T&C Joinery to produce accurate  design shapes
CNC router