Custom built kitchen by T&C Joinery
Bathroom renovation - custom built vanities make this bathroom. T&C Joinery take great pride in their work
Modern custom made built in bookcase by T&C Joinery

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T&C Joinery Quality Construction


T&C Joinery Pty. Ltd. prides itself on over 30 years of building only quality cabinetwork. Below we have listed some of the features that are included with all of our quality cabinetwork and how they will be a benefit for you.


All cabinetwork is individually constructed to suit your requirements. 
Your cabinetwork will always be unique 

All internal cabinetwork is constructed using 16mm HMR ( high moisture resistant ) fabricated board with white textured melamine to all exposed faces. Coloured interiors also available on request. 
Interiors are resistant to spills and are easily cleaned.

2 fixing methods used for all part-to-part cabinet construction. Nailed & screwed internally or glued & dowelled for any exposed construction. 
This results in strong cabinetwork, which allows us to maintain our 5 year warranty on workmanship.

Cabinet bases or kickboards are constructed using HMR board. 
This provides a strong, level foundation and reduces damage in the event of accidental flooding.

Only materials and hardware from a ‘Quality Endorsed Company’ are used by T&C Joinery Pty. Ltd. 
This means all products are guaranteed to work well and are also backed by our 5 year warranty on materials.

All cabinetwork is prepared, constructed and installed by our professional team of Cabinet Makers.


All cabinetwork is scribed to walls and floors where necessary and finished with a colour matching sealant. 
No unsightly gaps and joins.

Anything that opens and shuts is finished with clear noise reducing buffers. 
No more banging and crashing when you shut doors and drawers.

All installation fixings are fitted with colour matching caps. 
Even though you can’t see them from the outside, we feel you shouldn’t see them from the inside either.

Cabinets with glass doors are constructed with either a feature or matching colour interior.